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Like me, this blog is a work in progress. I’ve spent almost a decade teaching philosophy and religious studies in New York City and Massachusetts, where I currently reside. I have some ideas and resources that I hope to share on this blog. I also hope that this process of reflecting on my teaching will help me grow as an educator.

My hope is that this blog will be useful for individuals who might be interested in questions related to teaching, Asian religions, and philosophy. The intended audience is primarily teachers of these subjects (or related ones in the humanities), but my hope is that this blog is accessible to anyone with an interest in these questions.

An additional note:

This blog does not make an effort to be comprehensive, even in the rather narrow field of information about (mostly) Asian religions that might be useful to teachers and students. There are vast gaps in my knowledge, and while I’m trying to plug them, some of what I teach (and think) is simply not ready for prime time. I’ll try to share the good stuff here, though.

The (mostly) in the title refers to some materials I have that are not related to Asian Religions: lessons on Christianity and religion in America; lessons related to ethics and philosophy; lessons that don’t have a clear home but seemed worth sharing nonetheless.

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