Three Tough Things

From Deborah Meier’s The Power of Their Ideas (cited in Vilardi and Chang, Writing-Based Teaching):

“For the kinds of changes necessary to transform American education, the work force of teachers must do three tough things more or less at once: change the way they view learning itself, develop new habits of mind to go with their cognitive understanding, and simultaneously develop new habits of work — habits that are collegial and public in nature, not solo and private, as has been the custom in teaching.”

What is Hinduism?

Padmanabhaswamy temple

The Padmanabhaswamy Temple, home of recently-discovered riches beyond imagination.

What is Hinduism? Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, once famously said that “Hinduism is all things to all men.” While this definition does not seem to get us very far, it may actually be more helpful than it appears at first blush. Hinduism is an incredibly diverse phenomenon, something that has roots going back many thousands of years while also retaining an incredible capacity for reinvention, redefinition, and assimilation, at both the local and pan-Indian level. (And, of course, since the Indian diaspora, all over the world.) Continue reading